The Doorways fit perfectly in-between any two cavern tiles. Start by centering the Doorjamb at the connector between two rooms. There is a stone wheel that is meant to be used as a rolling door. I've placed pivot points on the stone door to make it easier for it to roll open and close. (animations not included)

This tile accessory is intended to be used with other mines & caves hall and room tiles sold separately. The idea is to choose which tiles you want to use and snap them together to form interesting combinations of dungeon layouts.

This is the doorways for 20+ tiles that make up the full "Interior-Only Levels: Mines & Caves" tile set. All Doorways and Jambs are designed to snap together perfectly in the center between two room's connecting doorway spaces.

All of the 3D model packs that we sell are designed to compliment each other. We focus on low-poly, flat-shaded 3D models that all have matching aesthetics. So please take a look at our other products and rest assured that if you bought it from Almighty Assets, then it was made to fit into the same game universe.