Interior-Only Dungeons Series

Interior-Only Dungeons Series

I plan to release a dozen or more Interior-Only Dungeons packs. Each dungeon pack is a complete modular series of assets needed to form endless dungeons of that type. They are as follows...

Classic Dungeons - Every dungeon crawler features a classic dungeon!

Catacombs - Underground tombs and burial chambers

Castles - Interior hallways of a castle or large manor

Dwarven Underworld - Massive halls and living chambers carved by resource hungry Dwarves

Ice Caverns - Frozen underground natural & man-made caves

Jail Cells - Ironclad series of prison cells and detention chambers

Mines & Caves - Hand-carved & natural caves with optional rails and support beams

Mansions & Hideouts - Interior halls and chambers for large mansions and enemy hideouts

Necromancer's Lair - Bone constructed lair with a theme of death

Spider Tunnels - Web infested natural caves and man-made halls & rooms

Sewers & Pipes - Vast networks of underground sewer systems with pipes large enough to walk through

Volcanic Underground - Beneath the volcano lies an elaborate lava-imposing system of violent natural tunnels

Warehouses & Cellars - Storage facilities, shipping & receiving, crates, barrels, kegs, and cheese

Wizard's Sanctum - Mystical home of an evil spell caster with secret doors and spiraling staircases