Modular Characters Series

Modular Characters Series

In this series of assets, I'd like to provide a few options for creating characters in your games. I've broken these packs into a few different categories. They are as follows...

Humanoids - Build your own human characters using modular body parts, weapons, armor, hair and clothing

Goblinoids - Build your own goblin like creatures using modular body parts, weapons, armor, hair, ears, tusks, horns, tails and clothing

Fauna - Pets, Farm Animals, Gentle Wildlife, Dangerous Creatures

Monsters - A variety of popular non-bipedal creatures

Undead - From Skeletons & Zombies to Ghosts and Hellhounds

Humanoids: Heroes
Humanoids: Enemies
Humanoids: Commoners
Humanoids: Workers
Humanoids: Royalty
Monsters: Goblinoids
Monsters: Bipedal
Monsters: Creepy Crawlers
Monsters: Slitherers
Monsters: Gelatinous
Monsters: Quadrapeds
Monsters: Undead
Fauna: Pets
Fauna: Farm Animals
Fauna: Gentle Wildlife
Fauna: Dangerous Creatures
Fauna: Fantasy Creatures