Room Step (Classic Dungeons Tile)

This Room Steps is an unusual room design featuring steps along the left and right sides. The room also features a series of 6 optional columns, 3 on either side. It has opening connectors on opposite sides of the room allowing the developer to easily snap tiles together at their doorways. The tile also includes a few dungeon dressing options, including a variety of floor options, alternate walls, pipe configurations and optional wooden support beams.

This tile is intended to be used with other tiles sold separately. The idea is to choose which tiles you want to use and snap them together to form interesting combinations of dungeon layouts. It's also worth noting that these tiles are designed to work perfectly with most geomorphic procedural dungeon generators.

This is one of 20+ tiles that make up the full "Interior-Only Levels: Classic Dungeons" tile set. With just a few of these tiles, you can design a wide variety of dungeons for your game very quickly by simply dragging and dropping the rooms and halls into the scene and snapping them together at their open doorways. All Rooms and Halls are designed to snap together perfectly on any 90 degree angle. So it's safe to rotate your tiles and place them together in any arrangement that you see fit.

All of the 3D model packs that we sell are designed to compliment each other. We focus on low-poly, flat-shaded 3D models that all have matching aesthetics. So please take a look at our other products and rest assured that if you bought it from Almighty Assets, then it was made to fit into the same game universe.