Now Available in The Unity Asset Store

Now Available in The Unity Asset Store

The following assets are now available in the Unity Asset Store...

Core Environments: Great Outdoors - A lush green environment setting

Exterior-Only Buildings: Farmlands - Animal Shelters, Buildings, Plants & Gardens, Fences, Carts, Tools & Other Props

Interior-Only Levels: Classic Dungeons - Every dungeon crawler features a classic dungeon!

First Year Experience on Unity Asset Store

In the past year, I tried launching the first asset packs through the Unity Asset Store. My experience working with UAS was rather cumbersome and somewhat disappointing. Their policies and guidelines seem extremely unrealistic and about 50% of my submitted packs were denied.

The worst part about this experience is that I was only catering to Unity developers. What about Unreal Engine? or Godot!? I recently decided to change the way in which I package my models. I'll be releasing smaller packs of more specific sets of models. I'll use to build a store where you can purchase these packs for yourself. And over time, I may decide to branch out to other marketplaces too.

You can still purchase the assets that are available on the Unity Asset Store, although all content will eventually be available in smaller packs and bundles elsewhere.

The main difference is that the Unity assets come with prefabs, particle systems, scripts and even a basic character controller in a demo scene. The 3D model packs only contain the original model files.