What is Almighty Assets?

What is Almighty Assets?

Almighty Assets is one guy with a mission to make one of the largest, most organized library of low-poly 3D assets for video game developers.

Yes, there are tons of low-poly 3D models available all over the Internet. But often, when you combine artwork designed by different artists, things start to look like they really don't belong together. Many large collections of artwork are incomplete or poorly organized.

A Road Less Traveled

A road less traveled

My vision is to create a very large collection of 3D assets, organized into smaller packs, each focusing on very specific things, such as Outdoor and Interior-Only Environments, Rivers & Roads, Rocks & Trees, settings for specific places such as Farmlands, Marketplaces and Villages. And of course Weapons & Armor, Siege, Creatures, Characters and much, much more!

The general idea is to present lots of options. Game Developers may pick out very specific packs and purchase only what they need, rather than paying a bigger price for something that showcases a beautiful scene but is very difficult to do anything else with.

Published Assets

These assets are available right now in the Unity Asset Store.

My Own Personal Journey

Almighty Assets Available Now

In my first year, I launched 3 asset packs through the Unity Asset Store. My experience working with UAS was somewhat disappointing. Their policies and guidelines seemed extremely unrealistic and about half of my submitted packs were declined. The worst part about this experience is that I was only catering to Unity developers. What about Unreal Engine? or Godot!?

I later decided to change the way in which I package my models. I published nearly 100 small model packs to itch.io and built a store where you could purchase for prices ranging from $1 to $2 each. I let those models sit for a while and waited to see what kind of activity it would bring. After many months, I realized that itch.io is a difficult marketplace to sell from. I ended up pulling the plug on those smaller assets in favor of keeping my product contents consistent from marketplace to marketplace.

Currently, I am experimenting with Game Dev Market. I intend to keep pushing out new models and adding to what's already become an impressive library of 3D art. I'm also hoping to start doing a weekly videos on YouTube to share my progress along the way and hopefully inspire a bit of financial support through Patreon.

I hope you'll find this page and write me to share your thoughts on what I'm trying to do and how it could benefit you on your own personal journey. Your feedback would be extremely helpful to me as I continue to overcome these challenges.