Exterior-Only Buildings Series

Exterior-Only Buildings & Props Series

I plan to release at least 10 different Buildings & Props packages. Each of these will contain a very specific collection of buildings. They are as follows...

Farmlands - Animal Shelters, Buildings, Plants & Gardens, Fences, Carts, Tools & Other Props

Marketplaces - Shops, Tents, Lean-To, Caravan Wagon

Villages - Modular Houses, Wells, Fences, Signs

Graveyards - Tombstones, Tombs, Crypts, Burial Mounds

City System - Taverns, Inns, Shops, Walls

Seaports & Docks - Warehouses, Piers, Shipping

Battlegrounds - Barracks, Archery Range, Blacksmith, Arenas

Enemy Grounds - Camps, Hideouts, Caves, Strongholds

Kingdom - Castles, Towers, Walls, Mansions, Manors

Tree City - Rope Bridges, Tree Cabins, Ladders

Halfling Holes - A village built for Halflings right into the hillsides